Composable Oracle Network
Welcome to Chainsight — a composable oracle network.

Chainsight Overview

The purpose of Chainsight is to make on-chain data available as beneficial information.
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For DApp Developers

Chainsight makes it easy and safe to prepare data for on-chain applications. You can deploy data indexers and open logic with Chainsight CLI to make the data you want available through Optimistic Data Oracles. You can sync any data to the chain your application is running on, such as Optimism and Scroll.

For Data Analysts

Chainsight allows you to collect the data you need from any chain. (Only EVM is supported in the initial phase.) Since data can be retrieved and analyzed using Rust instead of SQL (Python will be supported), advanced analytical data such as volatilities and risk calculations can be seen in Chainsight. The collected data can be viewed in a dashboard and displayed as time-series graphs.
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