Why is Chainsight needed?

Data in the blockchain is difficult to handle as in the regular Web. When bringing data into the blockchain from outside the blockchain, one has to rely on a data collection mechanism created by an organization and its Oracle Contract. In addition, Blockchains are state machines and are not designed to handle large amounts of data. DApps running on the blockchain are basically designed to be simple state management. This is quite straightforward in designing the protocol. However, it is difficult when trying to develop slightly more complex applications. In blockchain, it is difficult to handle such a wide variety or large volume of data as the Web.

Chainsight provides a data processing layer to develop applications that go one step ahead. It is an extension layer that leverages historical data, constantly updated data, and cross-chain data to compute the information you need for your application. A user can use a privacy layer for sensitive transactions, a scaling layer for high-volume transactions, and a data processing layer for computation with large amounts of data. With Chainsight, on-chain applications will be able to address more use cases that were previously difficult to achieve.

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